The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

The Norngarden2 Storytelling Competition is over!

Wow! We did not expect so many brilliant stories for this competition. However Only 10 of them can be rewarded with a price here.

And here is the lucky winner! One of Aliens very funky nordolls and the honor to be the official Norngarden2 Story writer goes to...


Island Norn!!

Congratulations! ----->Read Island Norns Story here

And these are the rest of the lucky winners (a lot of entries were in German. These stories will be translated if we find the time):
Trollop --->Read Trollops Story here
Patty --->ReadPattys Story here (in German)
Courtney --->Read Courtneys Story here
Kris D --->Read Kris' Story here (in German)
Uncle Asriel --->Read Uncle Asriels Story here
Norn-master --->Read Norn-masters Story here
Thalia --->Read Thalias Story here (in German)
Sanny --->Read Sannys Story here (in German)
Jcinemaplex --->Read Jcinemaplexs Story here
Lioba --->Read Liobas Story here (in German)

Congratulations to all the lucky winners. And to all of you who were not so lucky, be sure it was not because your story was not good enough. They were all excellent! Alien and I did have a very hard time to pick out the winners of all this quality storytelling. And as promised: Here is the rest of all Ng2 stories:

Jim --->Read it here
Cheena --->Read it here
Moldy --->Read it here
Sophie --->Read it here
hicoolguy --->Read it here
Jannes --->Read it here (German)
Seren --->Read it here
Kari --->Read it here (German)
Drahcir --->Read it here
TwilightCat --->Read it here
James --->Read it here
N1 --->Read it here (German)
Pixie --->Read it here (German)
Thalia --->Read it here (German)
Tafgana --->Read it here (German)
Andrea --->Read it here
blueamcat --->Read it here
flip8 --->Read it here
Zahnesteacher --->Read it here

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