The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

The Lone Shee had tried for months to find out what was behind the mysterious locked door in the Norn Garden, but to no avail. Just as he had given up hope, a baby Treehugger walked over to the door and said, “push door” and proceeded to do so. The door opened. The Lone Shee smacked himself on the forehead. It made sense. The garden was a Norn Garden, so only a Norn could open the door. [Author’s Note: No bearing on real life.] He stepped inside and saw weeds everywhere. He spotted an elevator and managed to make his way down to the ground floor. He scrambled through the weeds and saw a door. The door led to a room with ancient machinery. He pressed one button and a sleeping bird came out. He put it into the room, pushed it, and it woke up and sprayed a toxic cloud on some nearby weeds, which shriveled up. The Lone Shee called it Weedy. He pushed another button and a creature that looked almost like a wombat from ancient Shee texts emerged. He called it Wombo. The Lone Shee called his other Norns in after killing all the weeds. He settled down in a hammock and watched his Norn eat, drink and be merry. For all the trouble he had put into it, it was quite worth it.

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