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Here you can also read some comments people have left on Norngarden 1 (on Norngarden 1 Mirrorsite on Helen's Bibble Directory)

me - the ecosystem is amazing, and it is absolutley beutiful! (dont sue me if i spell wrong- i never pay attention in speeling) i love that little lizard tomato thing its cute, and you gotta love that slidy leaf! i give it a 9 and a half- my baby norns insist upon eating the detruis. my norns are dumb. like me. yum. cheese. XD
Alice333 - Just wonderful. Keep up the good work! :)
Steven - they made A cool X mas one so go and see. poodle ettins are cool.
Moopers - Wow!I'm going to make it grendle free so the cute little things don't damage it!
Wolfa - Oh...and I love meta rooms for my docing station..(without C3) i can't seem to find anymore...can anyone let me know of where i can get another petty good one?
Wolfa - Th Norn Garden is really great...but i'd give it a 9...The pond isn't so much a problem anymore...i have downloaded a good thing to block them from getting is programmable (if that is a word) to let only certain ages in the water (i go for only adults) but what is wrong is that i also have my norns come down with's norns certainly love all the plants in it...
Joanne - I agree Flip8. But It's not the norn gardens fault. Actually, there is alot of detritus around.
Joanne -
flip8 - I rated it 9 because it's great and all, but my Norns keep coming down with Histamine A or B.
BengalNorn200 - I haven't downloaded it yet...*sniff*It sounds REALLY nice though.....REALLY nice.....
GRENDelle - How's it work? i want it.
Circe - I love the Norn Garden!!! I just downloaded it but, I already know it's a wonderful Meta Room. It has the best graphics, interesting plants and my Norns LOVE it!! They just go around and eat everything in sight! Great, great job!!
Zachnorn - Love this room! But I think it should have a ecosystem where critters eat other critters and plants and stuff. That would make this better. Anyway it is a great room so DOWNLOAD NOW!
Nicolas - et pourquoi pas un peu de français?
Joanne - When does the update come out? I hope it's just as good!
laurenorn - Wow nice graphics!As soon as my C3 world is clean from a wolfing run my hardman/bondi/astro crosses are going to love it!
ditwerktniet - It looks very good! Very natural. Alot of my norns live there.
Syera - This metaroom is just wonderful. The graphics, objects, and everything else are great! Definitely a must-have for anyone who plays Creatures 3 or Docking Station!
Super Horse - I really loved this meta room alot! Great job on it,Helen and tomtschek! I really like your ideas! When the new meta rooms comes?
Wu_AKA_Owen - As I have said before, I love this place, I just hate the way the lizards infest the Norn meso, though. You just bring 1 fruuit in, then you can't get them out.
XxX*Emily*XxX - Its soooo good, it couldn't be any better.Does any one know when the expansion is coming out because i can't wait. IT sbeen ages hasn't it so Tom and Helen must be putting loads of work into it. Keep up the good work and please hurry up with the expansion.!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
- Wonderful meta-room! I've completely abandoned the Norn terrarium and am now using this are to raise all my norns. I also love the easter tribbles (being a fan of star trek that i am...and being that the trouble with tribbles was my fave original series epsiode) can't wait till more critters/agents and updates come out, and the expansion pack! The look of the room is extremely well done, what program was used? Surely not photoshop...gimp perhaps? with i had that kind of mastery with graphics programs...It has such a nice natural look to it...reminds me of something from frank herbert's dune, if anyone's seen that. anyway, again, excellent work!
Sephiroth - This cob is a GODSEND. its incredible, and just by sticking a sludge gun/grendel detector in the entrance bit you can make it a safe place for ure baby norns (if ure Norn terrarium gets invaded, which mine frequently does :P)
Bob - You should make money off this thing!Brill!
Pen an ink - I LOVE IT!!! My norns love it to. Thank you P.S.. Its cool LOL
SIllybilly - Lovely sprites! Best I've seen.
Owen Hannwr - Very nice indeed, my Hardmad norns are happy here, my Bondis love it, and the treehuggers like it too!:) BUT I HATE THOSE LIZARDS---THEY WANDER INTO THE Norn MESO AND INFEST IT!
I - WHEN IS THE EXPANSION COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bengelnorn - Lolvely animals and plants!The prettiest terreim Iv`e got !
offical cdn main man - well done keep up the good work
SSJ K@Z - like, wow!!!!! I am loving this place! Especially how those little fish things grow into those things that go on land! That is the koolest! So much food! Only thing is that sometimes the door just jams or something, and i cant get it open. Ah well, still the koolest!
Aleras - very good cobbing and excellent ecosystem, good job
- excellent!
doubleA - Excellent! I really love the graphics, and all the plants. I kinda feel sorry for those lizard guys though..
Moon Star - WOWEE! This was a great place to send my angry teenage Chichi Norn, and now his anger's almost gone! HOWEVER, there's a little disadvantage, as with all rooms... events can take you by surprise there. If you want to know what I mean.. *sob* one of my creatures DIED while I was monitering that teenage Norn! AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! Apart from that, I LOVE IT!!!! :)
Norn_Breeder69 - Haven't tried it out yet - tell you when i have - it sounds gr8
carl - i think this upgrade is good. its a place were jungle norns can relax
zog - it doesn`t work on mine. it has an error.
??????????????? - WHEN is the exspansion going to be released. I downloaded the norngarden over three monts ago when tom said the exspansion would come out
Heather - WHEN is the EXPANSION coming!!! EVERYONE is WAITING!!! Is Tom WAITING for a TIP? Just have him look at this FULL PAGE of GREAT REVEIWS!!! IF he CHARGED a PENNY for every DOWNLOAD he'd be a MILLIONARE!!!
MegWriter - It would Be Perfect, if i Could only get that door open...
Nornlover - It is the best!!!!!!!!!! who did the scripts??
Grendal_Luver - omg, this is one of the greatest agents(if thats what you'd call it) I've ever seen. The stopper plants are SO useful- and FUN! I love the lizards, and my Norn adore ths room. I use it as a breeding room and a nursery. Keep up the great work!
Leala - Great Meta-Room! I can't wait for more!!! But what's the little thing in the corner of the room that says "What Could This be?""Many things in the Norn garden are still a secret..." Hmmmm.. If you know what it is tell me!! Thanks!!
Tia - I love it! It's so pretty! I *lub* that little lizard thing... The pond is soooo cool!! Keep up the good work!!
Joanne - I liked the Norn garden, my norns enjoy being flung away from the pond by the stopper plants! there is food for all my norns and plenty of room!
Theill - Its so... There isnt words for what it is. Im looking forward to the expanisons :)
Prince_Arakis - Oh. My. God. This has to be from heaven
war-norn - a perfect battle place(or resting place)
XxXx - How do you download it? I can't on my computer.
Uncle Asriel - The official site to the norngarden is down. Will you supply any updates, such as the expansion pack with the Wombo?
Illumination - Brilliant! Love it! To whoever reads this and doesn't have the Norn garden then... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?! It's the kind of work that people would pay for! It's got some of the BEST sprite work and ideas (Plant/animal concept is the best in my opinion!). Now I can't wait to get the add on for that sealed door!!!
Kat_05 - Great! One thing. Nomatter how much the Creatures team begs NEVER join. I don't have much money to buy your work...
Invader Zoe - Very very good! My Grendel family loves that place to breed in! ^_^
mischa249 - the NG is like the best
Josh - Hey, I love the concept of a plant/animal. I think that they should expand on that premise.
Jacinda - Absolutely gorgeous! I adore it. It's hands-down the best-looking room in C3. It's great because it doesn't have all that machinery to clutter it up; very natural and peaceful. A true haven for my norns!
Raven - I absolutely love this! I like to keep my baby norns seperate from the adults, so they stay here. Can't wait for the expansion!
Mkid112 - Can't wait until the addon is out!!! Good job.
Rancor - It is fantastic! My Norns love it and so do I.
GrendelGirl88 - Oooohhh! NEAT! By far the best meta-room for download I've seen so far! Graphics are superb! If you haven't got this already, do it NOW, you have too! It's the best! Awesome! Also wide variety of new agents! Cool lift and safety near the pond! On a scale of one to ten... one hundred!
JCNORN - The topbest metaroom I've ever seen! It's great! And the grafics are terrific, it almost feels like you can reach out and tuoch everythin', looks so real. It's a lot of work done to it, and you can see that too. Just... brilliant!
???? - It's a bit small...
Mr.LittleGuy - I usually only use official cobs and norns, but this room is an exception because the sprites are so good, and the room is cool! I con't wait for the expansion!
Argon - Great! Exellent!! Superb!!! But what's behind the door to the right!?!
Pheonix13554 - I think the norngarden is great.My norns refuse to come out and if I take them out they always try to get back.
Leala - I love the garden! My norns love to play in there! They are always trying to get in.... and I've also noticed it's where they breed the most....
Icewing - Yes, yes, I know I've posted before, but I have one teeny problem... were is the plant that blocks your norns? (I forgot what it's called, sorry ^^;)
Nornfurzz - wow, it looks great and I could really use a new room for my spaceship, thanxxxx!
Owen - Ooh, amazing as par. ;)
Mystic - WHOA!! I love this and so do my Bengal Norns THANKS!!!! If you havent downloaded it I suggest you do.
Ingot - This is one of the best metarooms ever!The graphics are superb! 1010
Icewing - WWWWWOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! This is THE greatest thing ever! And so pretty :)
Bulbaboy - This is a GREAT room! Now, for the balancing negative... Hmm, bad, bad... Nope, can't think of anything!
Andrew - Wow! Certainly the best room I've ever seen. I agree that someone's finally bested Cyberlife (Er, Creature Labs) in spriting. Good job Helen and tomtschek!
LankyNorn - Wow!!! You guys love it! I'm waiting to get my new computer and broadband tomorrow (posted 24th December). C U all!
Moca - I have it and have been quite impressed with it. This could have easely have been sold on a disk. Very professional looking work.
flop - i love it! great graphics, well set out. and i love the way everything is so.. weird, like the ballplant and the tomecko and that thing that your norns slide on, too bad it rots so quickly
David - This is best meta-room I have ever seen! If you need more space in DS this is the room you should download!
Dragonqueen - I love this room, its just so peacful!
Alex - hey, this agent is really cool, my creatures love it soo much...!
Johnboy - This is realy the best world you can download on the web. And I hurd that the add-on is coming to.
Meowman - Hey this is so cool , its where i keep my baby norns , this way i can let them be safe!
Amanda - I absolutely love it!Its really beautiful!I lost all interest in creatues,but when I saw this I decided I just might start to play again ^-^ Yay!
angel51431 - Whee! The Norngarden is so fun! It reminds me of the much-missed Creatures 2 with way better graphics :) Puts the game factor back inot DS, I think you finally out-di d CL!
Schantzy - I love it i realy like the art and the all of the plants and animals and my norns love it too!!!
ice_flip - This meta-room for DS and C3 is fantastic...It's so far the BEST 3rd party room I've ever seen for ANY of the Creatures games. It looks like it's been made by CLabs, really apart of DS...
Uncle Asriel (aka Shai-Hulud) - Excellent. Beautiful art, no doubt excellent scripting, and a great concept. I love it, and I haven't even completed downloading it yet! A must for those who have only DS and need space!
Rascii - The graphics are fantastic! It's definitely the best meta room I've downloaded so far.
Johan - It's great! I love it!

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