You had to wait really long. But finally it is completed: The Second (and bigger) part of the Norngarden. Lots of new space, pants and critters to explore!

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Norngarden2 is a new area for your creatures game Dockingstation.

Why did it take so long to get it ready and why do I have to buy it? Do I need a special computer to run it? Can I play it on C3 as well as DS? And are there any possible errors?

Get all the answers at our FAQ page!

When you enter the Norngarden it is a rough and dangerous place. You can change it into a beautiful and safe garden! How? Find out yourself! On the other hand you can keep it a rough place so your Norn have to learn to survive in this environment.

There are lots of things to explore for your Norn in the Norngarden2! Some things they may encounter will be real fun!
The cute little guys on the NG1 and NG2 logo may help you! If you get stuck or are a spoiler you can take a look here
One last thing: Norngarden 2 has been heavily betatested! However there is always the possibility that bugs show up that have never shown their ugly face before. If you encounter one of them mail us! And we will produce updates for Norngarden2 and put them here on this page!

Get Norngarden2 at the Chaos Online Store!

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