Read this site if you get stuck or frustrated with how you can change Norngarden2 into a beautiful garden! Do not read further if you haven't tried it yourself. You would spoil all the fun of exploring!
One thing is to teach your norn to survive in Norngarden2 with all the weed inside! Especially the thorns are a danger the norn can live with. When they got trapped teach them to "hit weed" and they will come free. Hit weed also works for the trasherplant. Though it will only munch on norn when very hungry, I would not let any norn near that you really care about.
So how do you get rid of all the weeds? in the small room on the left there is a machine that can produce various critter-gadgets. One is weedie. A hopping bird that produces a powerful poisonous cloud. No plant can survive touching it! Even your norn can take damage though.
Once the weeds are gone you can use the other critter-gadget: Wombo: Wombo is a walking seedbank. It has all lifeforms of the Norngarden available. You have to learn which seed belongs to which plant . Wombo also is capable of producing trasher-seed! With him you can populate the Norngarden with your favorite lifeforms!
If you do not want to find out yourself which seed will grow into which plant read the wombo help page
However now and then the weeds reappear! You have to check regularly or keep a population of weeds somewhere where they cannot harm your norn!
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