The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

After the lone Shee discovered the Norngarden, he wondered where the secret door lead to. He was finished analyzing all of the seeds and fruits from the Norngarden so he decided to find out how to open the secret door.
He searched day and night for a secret switch and found nothing. He wanted to find out so badly what was behind the door that it was all he could think about for a long time. One day, while he was studying the fish in the Norngarden, his blue Siamese norn yelled. "Eem push door!" He ran over to his norn and to his surprise, the norn opened the door to the unknown part of the Norngarden, which he called the Norngarden 2. He was so excited and began studying everything at once. His blue Siamese norn was looking around too. He wondered how his norn had opened the door. He thought that he might not ever find out. "This is a very big and beautiful garden.", said the lone Shee as he tasted some of the new and exotic looking fruits. He thought of all the fun times he could spend with his norns and went back to his main workshop to get all of his studying tools and textbooks. He would have a lot of spare time to study all of the new things in this wonderful new area. "Maybe someday I'll find out how my norn opened the door...", and his thought trailed off as he started to examine the vast new area.

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