The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

The lone Shee was getting frustrated, even with the Norngarden and the Christmas room, his norns were getting very cramped. One night, sipping a cup of tea, the Lone Shee decided to check on his norns. Going into the garden, he noticed that two where missing. Dodging a youngster sliding down the hill on a Lugerleaf near the unopened door, he counted his norns again, and to the same result, two where missing. This was very strange, for the majority of the norns were eating or playing with some ballplants. After looking for the missing norns, both of which were particularly curious bengals, he went back to the Capillata, deciding that he would continue his search in the morning. The next day, the Lone Shee went back into the garden, and to his relief, both bengals where back, one looking thoroughly disgruntled, with thorns stuck all over in his fur, and the other looking quite happy, if not tired, with only thorns stuck in his paws. Unable to understand either of the bengal’s chatter, he surmised that they had run across some thorny plant or another, and then realized that there where no plants in the garden that produced such thorns. “How strange.” He thought, and decided to check again that night. Later that evening, sipping some tea, he came back into the Norngarden, and was greeted by a large amount of noise from the hill near the door. Fearing something was wrong; he put down his tea and went over to the pond to make sure none of the norns where drowning. Suddenly, he noticed a light reflected in the pond, and turning around, the Lone Shee had just managed to catch a glimpse of what looked like the door closing, his norns gathered around it all talking loudly, saying stuff like “Eem dat go!” and other bits of norn chatter. Going over to them, he noticed that six, including the two who had vanished earlier, where missing. Frustrated yet excited, he realized that his norns might have figured out a way to open the door! Going over to it, he laid a hand on it, wondering how they got through. It suddenly opened again, causing him to fall backwards and slide a bit down the hill, much to the hilarity of the norns, who where laughing loudly. Getting up and looking at the door, he saw it just as it closed yet again, and all six of the missing norns where back. Giving a groan of frustration, he laid another hand on it, wishing he had been able to get past it. After examining it and finding it no different then it had been before, unaided by the gleeful norns who kept acting like he was a clueless youngster trying to do something stupid, he decided to try again in the morning. Turning to the door leading back to the Capillata, he was grabbed on leg by a youth Treehugger. Curious, the Lone Shee turned to the Treehugger, who was giggling and tugging him back to the door, he tiredly followed the norn back to the door, only then realizing that in it’s paws where the same thorns that had been in the bengal’s. Getting excited, he watched as the Treehugger walked over to it, then placed a paw on it. Feeling around, the norn moved it’s paws over the door, finally ending along the wall a bit to the right to the door, and moving aside some vines, she revealed a reddish brown button, blended in slightly with the wall, having been camouflaged by both it’s color and the vines growing around it. Laughing like this had been obvious, the Treehugger said to the Lone Shee “Flub dat, bibble fru in door!” and chuckling like her companions, the norn grinned up at him. Almost dancing with excitement, he thankfully handed a mannylowberry to the Treehugger, who happily munched it down, and pushed the button, which then turned a bright blue. The door creaked a bit, then opened! “Yes! Finally!” he thought, and walking through the door he found himself in an area much like the Norngarden, only with some different plants and critters. Looking up, he saw a vast canopy of trees, or he did, until he tripped over what seemed to be a rather large shell, topped with a strange device, whose occupant did not seem to be very pleased with the intrusion on it’s nap, and poked out a turtle-like head, looking disdainfully over at the downed Shee. Getting up, the Lone Shee brushed some dirt off his shirt, but immediately kneeled down again, examining a large leaf, and stupidly wondering what it was and why it seemed so familiar, he prodded it. With a slight gulping noise, it promptly grabbed his hand in a large mess of vines. Yanking his hand free quickly, he recognized the plant as a Trasherplant, and backed away cautiously, realizing that this garden might have more dangerous plants then just the delicate, if not carnivorous Trasherplant, and decided to come back in the morning when he was more awake to examine the garden again, hoping that his norns could live here once it had been cleared out a bit. He headed back to the Meso, hoping that his tea was still warm.

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