The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

After many many months of trying the Lone Shee had still not cracked open the mysterious door in the Norn Garden. He had tried everything! He had fiddled with every control he found to see if it was the opening mechanism. He had tried loudly saying random words in front of it. He had brought in a pair of strong hardman norns and had them try to pull the doors apart. He had even tried pouring tea on it.
He leaned against the door waiting for one of his norns to bring him his cup of tea. Would he ever get this door open? He knew there had to be something beyond it, otherwise why would there be a door?
ìDoors are meant to be openedî He muttered looking around, ìWhere is my tea? I canít think without my tea.î
He leaned against the door watching the tomeckos scamper by as a large toothy brown fish ate everything it could reach.
ìMaybe I could alter one of the fish from the pond to eat through itÖî The Lone Shee pondered. ìBut that could be dangerous. What if it didnít stop with the door and ate a hole in the ship?î
While he was deep in thought the fish wandered over to him. It ate a few fallen seeds by his feet then, either by accident or maybe his foot just looked tasty, it chomped on his toe.
With a startled yelp, he flailed about with the fish on his foot. His arms spun around and slammed into the siding of the door and he flung the fish off towards the pond.
Just as he knelt to tend to his chomped toe the door shuddered and let out a creaky moan. Rusty dirt spilled to the ground and it slowly opened, perhaps for the first time in centuries. He stood there for a moment, just staring at the door.
It- it was open. Ahhh! It was closing! He leaped through just before the door slammed shut, catching part of his robe. Pulling it free with a jerk he turned around almost stumbling over numerous plants.
„Hmmm curious“ He murmured as he walked farther in to explore.
A short time later a lone chichi norn came into the norn garden with a hot cup of tea, but the Lone Shee was nowhere to be seen.

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