The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

A few days after opening the crack that led to the room with the large tree the lone Shee had finished putting a door inplace of the crack and added a control panel to open it whenever a norn pressed the door. Feeling rather proud of itself for finding a way to enter the room without using the locked door the Shee went to the agent injector, pressed a few buttons and created a quirky cookie machine. He then decided to make a cookie so he popped in some ingredients and ! Poof ! out popped a cookie. After taking a few nibbles he put the cookie down, went to the norngarden because of how much greenery was in the room, and took a nap.

As the Shee slept he drempt of many fine things from cookies to fruit and to diamond rings. All of a sudden there was a bleep then another bleep. The Shee being a light sleeper woke up to the bleeps wondering what was going on then there was a sudden bang. He walked around in the room and saw a hardman norn hitting the small control panel he hadnt noticed before next to the locked door. The norn must of typed in the right combination of buttons because the door opened.

The Shee seeing that the norn had opened the door quickly ran to the entrance. Entranced by the sights and sounds of the wildlife living in the room he slowly walked in and stood there taking in big breathes of air. The room smelt scrumptious with all the flowers giving off scents of pure delight when all of a sudden up walked an animal that looked much like a wombat so he was about to say the name when a bird flew by so all he said was Wombooooooo trailing off because he was amazed by the bird "Which he later called a Bibobird."

As he walked through this new room a large fruit dropped on his head, it was larger than any other fruit he had found in norngarden. To his amazement when he looked up he saw a very large tree so he walked up to it and walked up one of its branches which was touching the ground. As he walked up the tree he found it to be very flexible and decided to call it a Rubbadubbatree. He walked further up the tree and saw the room in its entirety and decided to call it Norngarden2 because it was the second of the two rooms he found and wanted to use for norns.

He loved the room but decided he was hungry so he went to the entrance of the room not forgetting to disable the lock from the inside and left the room returning to the agent injector to get something to eat. After eating he returned to the room and reprogrammed the door allowing any creature who wanted to get in and out of the room to do as it pleased. As soon as he accomplished reprogramming the door he went to go to sleep in the norn meso because it was almost dark, leaving more exploration for another day.

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