The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

It seemed quite long ago that the lone Shee discovered a deserted ship that crashed into the side of his own ship that he decided to call ëThe Norn Gardení. The Norns loved it and would spend most of their time in there. Not only that but his ship now had a lot more food, critters and toys. Itís was the exact he thing he wanted in his over populated ship. Today he was looking though all the rooms inspecting everything with his clipboard. He sighed and said to himself ìI havenít discovered anything for a while now. I might enter the warp today and find something useful.î He then went to inspect the Norn Garden munching on a cookie he got from the Quirky Cookie Machine in the NornMeso. A bit of soil landed on his head as he opened the door. He walked down the tunnel and then up the elevator. He was really worried when he couldnít see any Norns in the area. He expected to see at least three either playing with a Ballplant or eating some Rainbowbamboo nuts. Suddenly he heard ìStephanie push the plantî from behind him. He turned around a saw that the Norn voices was coming from inside the strange door that he never managed to get open. He quickly rushed back to the bridge to see what was on the other side of the door. Last time he thought he was a bit careless and went right in without a weapon but he didnít get hurt. The Norns on the other side of the door seemed fine but he wanted to be on the safe side. He looked though the ships log files and found out the door had somehow unlocked when he was asleep. That was the only thing that the computer could tell him. He wasnít very happy with the Norns. He expected the Norns to wake him up to tell him important information like this. He did some more checks and found that it was safe to enter but the computer couldnít tell him if the room was safe. He would have to find out for himself. After a very quick tea and a small cookie he took a pyramid-shaped teleporter device because he couldnít find his Grendal zap gun and hurried towards the NornMeso. The Norns in there all stared at him as he rushed pass. They didnít see him run often especially with a teleporting device in his bag. He was pretty tried from running when he got to the door. Just like the one to enter the Norn Garden all he needed to do was touch it but unlike the first one it was rustier and therefore it took longer to open. He didnít blame it. It looked like it hadnít been open in quite a while. It was fully open and got out the teleporter device from his bag ready. He stepped though it and saw a huge room. If the other Norn Garden was huge it was nothing compared to this one. He looked around and it was covered with the weeds that were in the first room when he first discovered it. Not only that but there was a lot more weeds, plants, critters and toys in here. A few Norns was in the middle in a deep discussion about this place that they named Norn Garden 2 while a few others where exploring. He stepped up to the group and asked them how they managed to get inside. They all jumped when he spoke. They where talking too much to be paying attention of anything else. They told him that they where creating machinery because they where all very bored of playing with the Ballplant and they where all full from the nuts. They created a machine hooked up too the zap gun and sludge gun that fired when they pressed a button. They only place they could fire it was at the door because it was a clear area and they didnít want to hit or damage anything else. Once it was aligned they pressed the button and when the zap gun hit it with a loud bang, it opened. He really couldnít believe that he had never tried that. He reminded himself to check over his logs files later and see if had done that before because he sure that he would have. He rushed back to the door and found out that the blast must had of short-circuited it. It acted just like a normal door now. Over the next few days he examined the new room and was always finding something new. It also had a lot more space for his Norns, which was another thing he and the Norns wanted. It was by far the greatest discovery he had made yet and he knew that it would take a good long while to find all its hidden secrets.

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