The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2
Jim loader

Things were unusually quiet on the capilata the lone she had tried every thing he could think of to open the locked door in the Norn garden. ìHOW DO YOU OPEN THIS DOOR!?î He found himself shouting loudly so, he went to calm himself with some tea and cookies. ìItís impossible,î said the Shee.
ìIíve tried every thingÖî
ìOf corse the strength of a Norn is no were near as the strength of a Grendel,î he mumbled to him self and he shook his head ìGrendels are far to dangerous, and how would I get it inÖ how would I get it out, no itís to risky.
He got up and put his hand to the door, it was cold, and he lent over and listened. On the other side of the door he could hear faint sounds of critters. Getting tired of not being able to get in, he tried knocking on the doorÖfor about the twentieth time.

Then a treehugger norn walked by and dropped a random teleporter at his feet, but when he bent down and picked it up he slipped on the near by luggerleaf and the teleporter flew out of his hands, It got wedged right in the middle of the door. The telleporter cracked, glowed and flashedÖ some rust and vines fell from the door ìexcellent!î he said, ìItís starting to openî it then stopped abruptly and everything was still again.

The lone shee rushed off, and quickly returned with tool box. He would he must open this door before the day was done!
The Lone Shee tried every tool at least three times but still the door would not open any furtherÖ then a treehugger Norn pushed the cracked telleporter and was teleported through the door ìsplendid!î he shouted and pushing the telleporter was sucked in side he was amazed at what he saw ìplants everywhere, critters, fruit, seeds and dream eaters lots of dream eaters every whare, then he awoke to find dream eaters all around him ìSHOO!î he shouted as the dream eaters fluttered off in fright.

In his moment of annoyance and shock he grabbed a hammer and threw it at the door, it hit the random telleporter and cracked it more than it already was. ìGood thing Iíve got moreî he thought to him self.
The telleporter glowed and flashed then a passing hard man Norn picked up the hammer and imitating the she, hit the door with it, the telleporter flashed and sent the Norn to who knows where. remembering a part of his dream he listened to the door but there were no squeaking norn voices behind the door just the faint sound of critters scurrying around ìscurrying! Maybe I could dig my way in!î he said out loud.

He got out his shovel and started digging ìbut waitî he thought, ìIf I dig down I might end up in space I donít know how thick this ship isî just to be safe he thought he should dig around the door and not underneath. He started trying to crack the wall around the door after a while he had made a small fissure in the wall he looked through it and could see more than in his dream the room seemed to go on for miles he could see huge trees, many flowers, lots of critters and lots of weeds. ìFixable but first Iíve got to get in there!î

Then he heard a low humming voice ìactivating auto repairî ìno!î he cried, ìthe capilata must have accepted the Norn garden as one if its own roomsî, then the fissure was repaired before his eyes. He was now annoyed and went to turn of the auto repair. When he got back he started again when he got the fissure back he heard another voice ìauto repair activatedî ìno! Not again the Norn garden must have its own repair system!î he realised if he was ever going to get in he would have to some how teleportÖHe grabbed the random telleporter out of the door pulled a wire out of it connected it to another random telleporter he broke the wall with his shovel and threw the telleporter through the hole before it could repair its self.

It worked; he pushed the telleporter and was teleported through the door. He was in, he looked around himself ìamazingî he said to himself ìsimply amazing.î he spent the next the next 4 days exploring he created a proper door to let his Norns in started de-weeding he was shocked to see wild trashers so he killed them first and also found another room full of strange ancient statues and 3 more locked doors wondering if heíd ever solve the mystery, he went to sleep for another day of exploring.

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