The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2
Sophie. Williams.

One day the lone shee was examining some flowers in the norngarden.When all of a sudden he tripped over a rock and fell right in to a mysterious door."I remember that door.I wonder what's through it" thought the lone shee.So he got to work trying to open the door.It took many days to find something that looked like a key.As the lone shee was searching he found something in between the weeds."I believe this is the key, mind it does look like a fish skeleton" so the lone shee tried to fit the fish-like key into all the cracks but nothing happened,so the lone shee decided to study the fish-like key to find out if it was a key.

After a day the lone shee found out the fish-like key was just an old fish skeleton."I went through all that and it was just a fish skeleton. I give up I am never going to get through this door I know, I'll have one more go and search the hole norngarden then I'll give up"whispered the lone shee to his self.Ten days later the lone shee had examined everywhere but hadn't found a thing."I won't give up now I have to search one more place and then I'll defiantly give up"thought the lone shee.That last place was the pond.A norn was playing with the fish at the pond and suddenly it pulled out a key! "I cant believe it I just cant believe it ,now if I take this key and try it in the key shape crack in the door it may open" said the lone shee.He went over to the door and put the key in the key shaped crack and the door opened!"oh my gosh I thought that door would never open now I can study more flowers!"yelled the lone shee.And the lone shee studied more flowers and the norns played with there new toys and they lived a happy life .

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