The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

As the Shee mingled around, Keeping a close eye on his norns, in the NornGarden of course. He noticed a few of the younger Jungle Norns crowding around the locked door. The Shee went over to see what was amusing the younger norns. He was suprised at what it was, "A seed,...i've never seen this type of seed, I cant make out what species plant it could possibly be from, either way how is a seed amusing the younger norns?" he thought in confusion.The Shee took the seed to his lab, by the time the seed he had picked up,bloomed, there were tons more in the norn garden. They had all bloomed into bright, flourecent, and beautiful flowers. the Shee was amazed at what he saw,but.."Where the heck could these seeds have come from?" he thought."maybe it was just a mutation between some of the many species of plants in the garden... but i don't see how there could have been so many." his kept trying to solve this puzle in his head.He went back to the NornGarden to see how many flowers! had bloomed, but as soon as he walked to -POP- .....-PloP-.....-PoP- "whats that!?" the Shee looked in all directions then somthing caught his eye... "It can't be." the Shee stared at the door as a few seeds at a time squeezed through the small opening."Thats whats making that popping sound...and... thats where all these seeds are coming from..." He walked over to the door and gave it a push, "It's no looser than it ever was." He was just trying to figure out how the seeds were getting through.

The Shee suddenly relized "After all this since this garden calided with my ship and i've only been studying the life in here and putting this door aside While,.. behinde it is a world bursting with life yet. which means, more plants and critters yet unknown to my knowledge, of ever existing!" The Shee was amazed with his hypothesis, but he still couldnt be sure thats what it was. Thats why he couldnt put off getting throught the locked door any longer. He tried doezens of agents and devices he couldnt get the door to move though."~sigh~ This is impossible, I cant think of any more ways to get through."

After three days and three night of only trying to open the locked door in the NornGarden he gave up and stood in front of the locked door shocked that it was impossible to open. He watched the young norns sit all around him infront of the door playing with the seeds some eating them "What am i gonna do soon these norns are gonna grow up and breed and each of my generations live longer, i will need more spa..." suddenly a loud sound of grinding rocks interupted him in the middle of his thoughts. "The door its open... but how." all the younger norns rushed in, he followed behinde them."It..It's huge...and...goregous..its amazing!" later on the shee relized that it was how much he cared about his norns, how he always put there health first, the garden saw through him and decided to share more space with the shee and his norns.

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