The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

It was another lousy day on the Lone Shee's Capillata, ever since he had docked with the Shee Star Ship all he had done was watch the Norns run around, the Ettins take all the gadgets to the Ettin Terrarium, the stupid Grendels beat on each other. The Lone Shee was thinking he should just abandon the Capillata and find the world were all the other Shee went.
The Lone Shee was in the Norn Garden eating some freshly made Quirky Cookies and drinking some of the Albian Ale he had left. Then there was a loud crash
The Shee stood up.Crash!There was another one. "Oh! No!",the Shee said to himself,"We must be under attack!" The Lone Shee dashed toward to a group of Zebra Norns who were standing next to the Eggplant Tree. "Listen up you guys! The Norn Garden is under attack." The Norns just stared at him. That made him mad. "YOU GUYS HAVE GET BACK TO THE MESO OR YOU'LL BE KILLED!"The Shee Bellowed at the Norns.The just stared at him like he was stupid or something."GRRR! LISTEN TO ME NO STUPID NORNS!" He yelled sounding more and more like a Grendel. The little norns backed away from him.Crash! They jumped forward. Finally an elderly Norn spoke up."No we're not under attack,"the old norn explained, "those strange norns over there are throwing rocks at the door like thing."
"Door like thing?,"the Shee qustioned,"what Door like thing?"
"The one past the Rainbow Bamboo, it used to be covered with those little pink weeds though," a little Norn said.
"Hmm...Ok!" the Lone Shee exclaimed as he saw the door and ran toward it.
He got there and examined the door. He tried opening it. The door wouldn't move. He said to himself," If only I could-"Crash! A rock had just rocketed through the air a crashed on to the the door. "It won't open," a strange voice said. "Yeah, Yeah, won't open haha,"an even stranger voice laughed. The Shee turned around and saw an Ettin, a Harquilian Norn, catapult and some rocks from the Ettin Terrarium volcano. "You guy's you had me scared me half to death," the Shee chulcked
"Oop! Sworry," the Harquilian norn said stupidly,"We was twrying to open da dwoor"
"Its ok," the Shee told them but they had all ready ran off.
The Lone Shee thought to himself about how he could open the door. Suddenly it dawned on him that the geniticly engineered Super Strong Grendel that he kept in the Containment Chamber could probably smash that door to bits. He went and got the the grendel and took him to the door. The grendel was about to crush the wall to pieces with his fist, but as soon as he touched it he was sent flying arcoss the room. The Grendel crack head and was knocked out. The Lone Shee told some Hardman Norns to take him back to the Containment Chamber. "Hardman Norns!" he said realizing what he could do. He called over his strongest Hardman norn and told him to punch the door has hard has he could. The Hardman Norn's fists came flying down on the door. "Please don't die. Please don't die,"the Lone Shee mutter to himself. The norns fist came slaming to on the door. The door blow up like some had put dynamite in it. The Shee run toward it but all it was just a hole. "Well if the hole doesn't go any where I'll make it go some where,"said pulling out the device he used to make portals to other worlds.The Lone Shee typed in "NG2" for the code. A black portal swirled in the hole."Hmm," the Shee thought," the portal are usually blue. Oh well!" He jumped in to the portal.
The Shee appeered in a flat dry desert. There was no life there at all not even water. The turned around to go home and change the portal, but when he turned there was a huge red ancient ruin. It had four doors around it, one of which he had come through, and a big red statue of what look like a dinosaur. But, the most unusual thing about was right beneath the statue was a pedastol with a strange creature. On the front on the pedastol it said ' Bring life to Wombo and he shall bring life to an ancient gardan." Below the writing was the shape of a norns egg.
"A Norn's egg thats want it wants". The Shee yelled and words echoed through the empty world. He jumped through the portal, ran to the Meso, got an egg, and went back to the ruin. The Shee set the egg in the slot but nothing happened. The Shee thought there must be a twist."Maybe a ceterin norns egg it wants," He wispered to himself,"it says 'garden' maybe it wants a norn that has to do with a garden. Hmmm but, there is no Garden Norn, the closest breed must be." The Lone Shee thought for a moment then yelled "JUNGEL NORNS"
The Lone Shee ran back to the Capillata, got a Jungel Norn egg, dashed back to the ruin. He was so excited he all most droped the egg. He set it in the slot. A strange green light shot the egg toward the dinosaur like satue. The satue's hands lowered next to Wombo and the green light shot toward the sky. Many cloulds appeered. The Wombo woke up, looked thankfully at the Shee and seed like things flew out of his stomach. Millions of the flew across the world. It started rain. There was a flash of lighting so bright it blinded the Shee.
When he could see again the world was teaming with life. There were so many plants and animals it was beautiful. The Shee wanted to kept all to himself. "You can," a deep vioce bellowed.
"Want?" The Lone Shee said. When he turned around the statue was talking to him.
"I can read your mind. You can have my garden"
"I-I-I don't I-I couldn't take such a beautiful thing from you," The Shee studdered.
"Ok take part of it and my Wombo to, he can create new life."
"I guess I could have a little of it" the Shee responed. Then the ground began to shake and all the land around the ancient ruin lifted of the planet. Wombo walked to the egde and shot two seeds out in to the air. One fell down in to the hole where the ruin and the land used to be and made new land there and the other formed and orb the the floatinf island the shee was on went in. The Orb floated up the the Norn Garden Ship and docked Next to it. "There",the satue said,"now u have two Norn Garden hahaha." The Lone Shee was speechless. The some Norns came through the portal which turned blue and they loved it!!!!!!


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