The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

Months had passed since the Lone Shee had tried opening the mysterious door he had discovered on the day the Norn garden had appeared from the voids of space. He had spent many happy days with his norns inside the two rooms of the Norn garden that they had been able to get into, but that case of itchy Shee ingenuity keep on bugging him. He, quite naturally, was slowly being overcome with the curiousity of what lay behind the very much solid and unyielding door in the far end of the garden. So, one fine day, he pushed his various tinkerings with the interesting flora and fauna that populated those other rooms aside, and decided aloud to the furniture:
"Today is the day I will see what's behind that door!"
So, with infinite care, he poked, prodded, tickled, patted, grumbled, kicked, nursed his foot and generally frustated himself over the door.
"There has got to be some way to open this,"he mused aloud to the door," why else would it be here? Doors are meant to be opened..."
Many hours later, a much more frustrated Lone Shee was seen glaring at the door.
"That's it! I've tried everything! This door, is just too much! Time for drastic action!"
With that exclaimation, he rounded up all his norns and helped them pull down a very tall and sturdy cane of bramboo, and hauled it into the norngarden. Directing his norns to pick it up, and placing a hardman at the front and back, he made them stand right near the pond. Little blue fish looked at the various feet splashing in the water as the norns got ready.
"Now, every one of you! GO RIGHT!" the Lone Shee screamd as loud as he could and pointed at the door that opposed him. Hoisting the bramboo on their shoulders, the norns rushed forward at top speed. Sheer norn velocity was enough to make the door squeak as the bramboo cane bent like an Albiantrumpet. After letting his norns take a breather for their heroic efforts, he walked past the bent-backwards bramboo and inspected the door....
"Yes.." he said," It worked! It's wedged open a bit, so, now to give a little push here..." With a push and a little bit of squeezing in, the Lone Shee could finally get by the old door, and smell the perfume of unknown plants, and the odd sound of some unkown animal.
Smile on his face, and various implements of discovery in the other, he headed forwards happily to explore this new area....

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