The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2
Jarrad Rowley(aka Moldy)

It had been some time since the lone Shee had discovered Norngarden when it had collided with his own ship. The Norngarden held so much to be revealed in terms of science for the Shee. The first room of the Norngarden ship had caught the Shee's attention unlike any other discovery he had ever had anything to do with. The Flora and Fauna so rich in beauty and magnificence and the area so vast and free. The Shee saw no danger in the Norngarden room so he freely wandered through with his Norn as he pleased.

There was one thing that put doubt into the Shee's mind and that was the other door at the far end of the room. Usually the Shee would think nothing of this second door as he was always enjoying his discovery of the first room so much that he had become blinded from the fact that danger could be lurking in the unseen areas. His dreams were interrupted by horrible thoughts of what was happening inside the next room, and what terrible things could happen to his Norn. One night, he couldn't stand it any longer and decided to block off the area, with the belief in mind that what was behind the door could not have been more important than what he already had. He raced to the storage facility where he had hidden one item he had found on his travels a long time ago. The item was a forcefield emitter.

The heavy drilling sounds of the Shee setting up the forcefield woke the Norn. He headed from where he was sleeping in the Nornmeso area over to the Shee.

“eem da” The Norn said.

There was no response from the Shee. He was busy setting up the emitter stand, after all it's time spent in the archives it had become rusted and far out of date, but it was the only thing he had to keep his Norn safe.

“Yes, there she goes. I am successful once again. Let us give her a test.”

He stood back and activated it via a remote control. The emitter stand whirred quite loudly for a piece of high-tech machinery – even if it was out of date. Three lights running up the side began to shine but then faded along with the sound and soon everything was dark and silent.

“Seems to me the problem lies in it's energy source.” The Shee said when he opened the energy chamber...”Not to worry, I've another in the storage facility.”

He went upstairs but he forgot to bring his Norn with him. The Norn now stood alone in the Norngarden, he had never been left alone for five seconds in the Norngarden. A smile half delightful and half evil spread slowly from cheek to cheek. With no hesitations he opened the door, thinking he was ready for the danger within the next room.

“I'm back, I have it!” The Shee's voice reached the Norngarden before him. He reached the end of the tunnel, arose from the lift shaft and a worried feeling jolted energy into his tired body.

“Can it be, have you headed into the clutches of doom.” He spoke softly to the Norn, nowhere to be seen. Then the Shee noticed that the door he was so desperately trying to cover with a forcefield was open and tiny Norn footprints were leading into it.

“What is a lone Shee to. The danger beyond that door is most certainly too much for me to withstand.”

He strode back and forth while contemplating the problem.

“I can't go in there, I have not yet installed a lighting system. Oh curses, why did I have to be born a Shee, the one race that has everything but the ability to plan ahead of time! Come on idea, strike me!”

At that time he turned around in his stride and knocked his head on one of the hovering cameras.

“I meant come to me, not attack me. Wait, this camera can provide insight into the next room.” The Shee thought to himself.

With no time to lose he sped down the tunnel and out to the comms room. Searching across the visual list of cameras, he found the Norngarden camera and took manual control of it. The Shee navigated the hovering camera through the open door and into the dark. All he could see before him was the tiny lit area the camera's jets and searchlight torch provided. The Shee knew he was in no immediate danger but he was still fearful, fearful for the life of his Norn. The spotlight uncovered many hideous creations, none of which looked as if it could have been part of the Norngarden at any stage. As the camera progressed along the area uncovered by leaves or vines the Shee noticed that the vines around the camera were rapidly closing in on it. In a panic, he slammed the forward direction on the control. The remote camera rammed into a large piece of machinery in what might have been the center of the dank, dark room. The vines covering it crept out and took grip on the camera. With a thrust the camera escaped the vines and ascended towards a branch hanging out from somewhere. The vines were busily trying to reach up to the camera. The searchlight was giving the Shee images of how things had actually been going on inside the dark room. There was no sign of the Norn at all.

“Come on my Norn, where are you?” The Shee said under his voice.

“maha no dima” A sound came from behind the camera, on the branch it was resting on.

“OH good, it's you. Now how do I get you out of there?”

While the Shee thought up something unnecessarily complex, the Norn climbed onto the hovering camera.

“Norn beeb noha” The Norn said to the camera.

Meanwhile, the Shee had understood his Norn. Slowly and gently, he hovered the camera over the aggravated vines. It was hard for the Norn to stay on the small camera. One jolt on the controls and the camera would toss the Norn into the pit of vines. As the Norn neared the door to freedom a stray vine rose above the others in a whip-like frenzy, knocking the camera and Norn both separate ways. The Norn huddled himself in a tight ball with no escape from the vines, sliding across the ground like hungry serpents. From the other side of the room, the remote camera hadn't given up. It flew towards where the Norn was. The Norn knew he wasn't going to make it.

The camera, however had other plans. It's controller, the Shee saw one last alternative; to boot the Norn out of the area. The camera was going faster than it was ever meant to go, the jets were overworking and the tiny motor inside was releasing a trail of black smoke. The Camera made direct contact with the Norn. He flew out the door, over the Norngarden and into the pond. Dragging himself out he saw what had happened to his rescuer. The camera had overworked it's flying engine and crushed it's top half when it bounced off the Norn and onto the hard ground. With the last bit of energy it had, it caught a shot to show that the Norn was safe. After that, all the camera saw was static.

Much time passed and the Shee and his Norn had blocked off the second room with the forcefield. They had no intentions to go back in there after such a terrible ordeal. That was how it stayed until one day the Shee caught a glimpse of a flash of scenery that showed up for a split second on the Norngarden camera which usually had been displaying static since it crashed in the other room. Even that one glimpse captivated the Shee. He watched the static closely. The image popped up again, flickered, disappeared, showed up and flickered some more. The Shee had his attention stuck to the screen. After about 30 seconds of on and off flickering, the image sorted itself out and what the Shee saw on the screen was the most spectacular thing he had ever seen. Where dead vines lay, beautiful flowers grew over them. The branch that the Norn was found on was now covered in fruit-bearing plants and beautiful leaves. From the small area that the Shee could see on the screen he knew that the next room was a new place.

How, he wondered. How could such a disastrous place become so beautiful in under 3 seasons. Then it hit him. The key to the original Norngarden's beauty was in it's ability to evolve. In the time that the Shee had been studying Norngarden he noticed that the plants and animals were able to grow faster, bigger and stronger than in the other areas of the ship because of the qualities of the area itself. However, the ugly Flora and Fauna thrived just as well as the beautiful species. So why would the ugly plants die out all of a sudden.

After many experiments, the Shee was able to trace back the origins of the second room's animal and plant species. They all had common ancestors. They had all evolved from those in the Norngarden when seeds and spores had floated into the second room during the Norn's rescue. Animals had crept into the room and reproduced there. The perfect qualities of the metaroom ensured survival for the Norngarden species.

For the first time since the two ships collided the Shee was able to safely enter the second room. The magnificence surpassed that of the Norngarden. The Shee and his Norn stood at the door of the second room. The Norn had completely forgotten the bad experiences he endured in the room and ran freely. The Shee had made his greatest discovery yet, Norngarden 2.

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