The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

After a few weeks of the thought of the other door in the Norngarden that was in the back of his mind the Lone Shee decided he better start thinking of how to open it before he went insane with curiosity.The Lone Shee then poured himself a cup of tea and headed down to the garden to look at the door and think.

When he had arrived there he looked at his norns and then sat down on the ground beside the door and began to think to himself. "Maybe if I tapped it it would open?" The Lone Shee stood up and tapped the door, nothing happened. "Well maybe it has to be opened by something in the norn garden?" The Lone Shee turned around and began his search around the Norngarden pulling and pushing everything he found from the fish to the plants. He had searched high and low and from one end to the other and he had yet to find anything. "Maybe the door could be opened by the computer?"

The Lone Shee went down to the boardcomputer and began searching through the computer looking for possible ways of opening the door and no matter what he thought of the computer always replied with an error say "Unable to transmit to door." Well after a while of doing this the Lone Shee decided maybe he should just give up on the computer and start over.

After a day or two the Lone Shee still failed to have anymore information than he did when he started his quest for the ansewer days ago, but as it was the Lone Shee promised himself he would not tinker with any other projects untill this door was opened and then maybe he would work on learning who made this ship.

Finnaly the Lone Shee thought he had figured out how to open it. "Maybe I have to say something to open the door!" Then the Lone Shee stood up and ran over to the door overly excited and said, "Open." Nothing happened. "Let me in!" Still nothing happened.

As he was chanting different words a baby bengal had crawled over and was watching him and the Lone Shee looked over and scrathed his head. The bengal feeling reward said, "eem bibble" and all of a sudden lots of dust started sturring up around the door and a blinding light showed as the door slowly opened with an extremly annoying screech.

The Lone Shee finaly opened his eyes to see in wonder a much larger room full of many things including ancient equitment that he thought might ansewer his other question of who made it. After five minutes of total amazement the Lone Shee went over to the computer and began looking for a start key, and with his luck after one try the computer came on showing genetics that where far more complex than any norn and then it showed this picture of an odd creature he had never seen...

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