The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

It was a hot day on the Capillata when the lone Shee returned from the warp, a little too hot. After some looking he found the problem, a poodle ettin had been messing with the environmental controls. This worried the lone Shee as the Capillata is supposed to adjust them automatically unless his command codes were inserted afterwards, what was even worse was the fact that the tea plants would die if it got too hot or cold! This made him move extremely quickly, he brought up the manual overrides immediately but found that the only areas affected were the Comms room and the Norngarden. The Norngarden! He’d totally forgot! He checked on his locater and sure enough, all his poodle ettins were huddled at the far end around the locked door.

He went to investigate but when he asked the ettins what they were doing all they could reply with was “oooooo” and “ahhhhhh”. It was like they had been mesmerised by something. He was getting no-where fast. He pushed his way through the group and found what they were looking at. It was a hologram. A hologram, not of a shee as he would have expected, but of what looked like an advanced norn. It was taller, was wearing clothes and it’s eyes had a glint about them, a glint that only intelligence has.

“Greetings,” said the norn “I am Osiris”
“Osi-Who? And what are you doing here?” replied the Shee
“Osiris, and I’m here to guide you through the cleansing”
“‘The Cleansing?’”
“The cleansing is a ritual that must take place every spring, it is the cleaning of the garden. Every year the garden of Muspellsheim or Norngarden as you call it becomes overgrown and to make it safe it must be cleansed of all badplants.” An image of hundreds of norns (if you could call them that) with weed killer and machines the lone Shee had never seen before going through a part of the garden he assumed must be behind the door killing all the weeds and dangerous animals appeared in he lone Shee’s head
“What was that!” exclaimed the lone Shee.
“Surely you have dabbled in holographics?”
“Yes, but never anything like that”
“Anyway, it does not matter. The cleansing must be completed soon before it arrives.” The door that had been locked since the Shee found the garden suddenly swung open. “Now, here is how you cleanse the ro…” The hologram flashed and flickered and it just disappeared. The ettins also returned to normal.
“Where have you gone, come back. How do I cleanse the room? What is It?”
Great! Though the lone Shee, just when I get some answers about this room. He sighed and took a deep breath. “Is that tea?” he said to no one in particular, this soon made him forget his troubles and with no further thought he steeped inside the new room in search of ingredients.

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