The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2
James Richardson

The Lone Shee had returned from a trip through warp to find that all his norns were missing. None were in the Meso or any other part of the ship, including the strange area he called the Norngarden. The whole place was deserted.

He was wondering what had happened to all his norns when suddenly one was shown on camera emerging from the door to the Norngarden. Now that was odd. He had searched high and low over the entire ship but had found nothing so where had the norn come from?

The norn ambled around for a while, and then wandered back through the door. The Lone Shee was intrigued, and decided that he would follow it using a camera. He pressed the remote control button and watched the images the camera was relaying back to him.

What he saw astounded him. The norn had plodded through the locked door. This was something he had to investigate. He gathered all his scientific equipment, placed a lot of food at one end of the Norngarden, and waited by the door. Soon enough the door opened and his norns moved towards the food shouting "Me hungry". Whilst the door was open the Lone Shee slipped through.

He found himself in an even larger version of the Norngarden, except that in this room all the plants had grown, "Obviously triggered by my norns," he thought. He walked through the new room, awed by the number of new plants he had yet to analyse, when a sudden scratch on his leg caused him to look down. There was a large thorny weed growing.

That was when he decided that the place would be too dangerous for his norns until he had removed all of the weed and checked that the new fruit was safe to eat. He made his way back to the door and placed a device on the door. When switched on the device would stop norns from seeing the object until it was turned off. The Lone Shee smiled; he finally had a proper project to work on.

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