The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

A few month after the discovery of the Norngarden, the Shee got lack of space for his Norns. And those Banshee Grendels, who had conquered the ship made the situation even worse. The Shee was thinking about how to get more room for the Norns, when he remembered that locked door in the Norngarden. He took some machines and tools, put them in a bag and went to the Norngarden.
He had tried to open the door now for a couple of hours, when he noticed that some of the Norns were screaming in pain and fear. The screams came nearer and he turned around tofind out what was going on. But what he saw after turning around let him shiver. One of the Banshees had managed to enter the Norngarden and was now running towards the Shee. He was able to avoid the Banshee running into him, instead the Banshee crashed against the closed door. With some strange noises the door openend and the Banshee, who was still dizzy from the crash ran through the door. Taking some Hardmans with him the Shee followed the Banshee into the new room.
Inside that second room he and the Hardmans saw a lot of unknown plants and animals. They noticed a path in the Gotchathorns, which seemed to be made by the Banshee. With a lot of caution the followed this path, hopping that the Banshee didn’t hide somewhere in the plants. When they finally found the Banshee, he was staying in front of a Beetree, trying to get their honey. The Shee told the Hardmans to be silent and they sneaked to the Beetree. One of the Hardmans took a different way so he could approach the Banshe from the other side. The Banshee was so busy with eating some of the honey he got, that he didn’t notice, that the Hardmans attacked him. They fought a few minutes until one of the Hardmans was able to hit the Banshee unconscious. The Shee ordered the two to bring the Banshee back to the other Banshees. After they were gone the Shee started to discover this new room of the Norngarden he was in. It seemed to be a quite big room with a lot of fruits and seeds and the Shee thought “With this room I’ll be able to get rid of the space problem. The adult and the strong Norns could live here” He went back and noticed that already some of the Norns with a lot of courage had entered the room and even tried to climb in the big trees.

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