The Ddiscovery of Norngarden 2

One day while the lone Shee was still in the process of creating the capitilla he heard a strand noise down at the ettins garden suddenly one of the volcano vent blasted open and lava spued all over the garden! the ground shook and threw him on a mutation copier. It fired at the ettins garden! he saw a bright light and the ettins garden gradually changing then it was ll packed up tight in a mettel ball and the ball started to come towerds the mutation copier and the it bonched of his head and flew into space he saw it hit in asteroid and explode. The ettins garden was back to normal. Years later when the lone she was in the capitilla, looking for his fellow Shee he saw that same asteroid he saw before back on Albia except this time it was a wonderful living garden! He landed for few days and started doing connections creating a portal to the this new discovery. Finally he was finished, he had created The Norn Garden.

Norngarden 1
Norngarden 2
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