One day the lone shee decided that it would be time to make a new field trip though the warp again. He entered several worlds but did not find anything of interest there. "Boring", he thought and entered the warp to make his way back to his Dockingstation. But when he arrived there everything seemed totally out of place and out of time.
That was not his dockingstation. At least not as he remembered it. At least he could not remember having painted the walls pink. No this was not his home. But it was home of another Shee that was for sure. He looked around and found himself inside some kind of fashion designer laboratory. The Shee who lived here must have used his knowledge of genetic design to make living furcoats. But he could not find a piece that was still alive. And they looked like somebody had been chewing on them. And then he saw it: A pink Poodleettin was hiding below a fancy striped gnarlerjacket. As soon as the Ettin noticed the Shee it fled through a hole in the wall. The shee opened the door to what seemed to have been the Fashion Shees bedroom and found himself surrounded by a hand full of pink Poddleettins. They all looked a little starved but were still chewing on some bones. And then he realized what must have happened to the Poodles Creator. He must have past away years ago. Leaving his bones for his Ettin to play with. The Shee war horrified. How could something so cute do such a horrible thing? But when he looked into the Ettins Eyes he could not see any evil in there. They simply had to do what they had to do to survive. So the Shee put them into his pockets and traveled back home. However he did not allow them to bring along their bones. Strangely the Ettins seemed to miss their master very much. So the lone Shee engineered rubber bones that just looked like the ones in the pink starship for the Poodles to play with.