The Genom is made by Alien ( Read her description:

The Pink Poodle Genome, what's so special about it?

Pink Poodle Ettins are still Ettins, but they lost the drive to steal machines and gadgets and take them everywhere. However, they like to play and they can become bored easily. So make sure you always have enough toys at hand to entertain them!
Pink Poodle Ettins aren't less resistant to diseases and getting hit from other creatures than normal Ettins are. Although they can be considered more as a “pet“ than a roaming, homeless creature, such as the normal Ettins are. Pink Poodle Ettins like to cuddle and stay mostly with the pack. They like Norns and to be near them. Sometimes they can get a bit on a Norns nerves ...
Pink Poodle Ettins will walk on four legs most of their life (just like dogs do), they “crawl“ through their whole life, which is - just like a dogs - a bit shorter as the one of a normal Ettin.
As soon as they realize, how good it feels to be pet and cuddled by other Poodles they can end up in a kisspop orgy ... So you'll never have problems to get some new little Pink Poodles! Pink Poodle Ettins get pubescent at stage “adult“, just as normal Ettins do

Aliens genom description is available in german also