To have the Poodlettins in you game you need to download one or two things:

The Poodlepack
Here you find everything you need . Put the agent into your "My Agents" Folder and the poodles should appear in your egglayer. The Rubberbones shouls be available in your agent creator.

download (3MB)

Poodle Sounds
If you only have DS you do not have any Ettin Soundfiles. This will make your game crash every time you have an ettin running around in your world. Load down the Poodle Sounds into your "Sounds" folder and you get unique Poodle Ettin sounds. (These are not the original C3 Ettin Sounds!)
Warning: You can use this special Poodle Ettin Sounds in C3 also. They overwrite your original Ettinsounds though. Every Ettin will sound like a Poddlettin then.

download (110 K)