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Norngarden Flora

When the Norngarden was discovered it was totally covered with some kind of weed. At first nobody noticed the variety of lifeforms present in this ecosystem. And with the dicovery of Norngarden2 and the living seedbank "Wombo" there are lots and lots of new lifeforms to explore.

Lots of Flowers grow in Norngarden 2. They not only look very pretty but also produce seed and fruit for Norn to eat. With all the weeds in the Norngarden they have a hard time to survive and some surely have gone extinct!
Found only in Norngarden2
This is the reason why the flowers have a hart time to survive. This weed can grown rather big. It produces lots of fruit and seed and when unchecked will occupy the Norngarden very quickly. Norn have been reported to get stuck in its thorns. So it might be a good idea to teach your norn to "hit weed".
Found only in Norngarden2
These Trees live in Norngarden 2. When growing big they can become very flexible. With its branches touching the ground Norn can easily climb onto these trees. In Spring they give a spectacular sight with all these beautiful flowers. Rubbadubbatrees produce the biggest fruit in the Norngarden!
Found only in Norngarden2
This plant never actually reaches the size of a tree. Since bee rhymes so nicely with "bee" it got hat name however. This plant produces little beelike critters that it sends out to steal honey from other flowers. This is used as fertilizer and the remains are dropped. This "honey" is very healthy for Norn (not for Toixics though.)!
Found only in Norngarden2
Wild Trasher
Probably the most dangerous weed in the Norngarden. Like its potted cousin it has an enormous appetite for little critters. However it does not know the difference between a Norn and a critter! It is very fragile though and can easily be destroyed by your norn or the hand. It seed can stay dormant for years so there might be a new trasherplant showing up in the Norngarden now and then. A Trasherplant in bloom is a spectacular sight however!
Found only in Norngarden2
There is a potted version available that can be used as a trashcan -->downloads
This plant grows high up in trees. It produces very big flowers which after some time explode in a stinking cloud. Therefore it tries to get its flowers as far away from its growingplace as possible!
Found only in Norngarden2
This is a very haptophobic waterloving plant. It hates being touched . Especially by norn. Therefore it has the ability to kick away norn if they come too close. You can use this behavior to keep norn out of the pond.
Found only in Norngarden1
This Plant can also be grown in pots -->downloads
This grasslike plant produces very tasty and juicy fruit. It grows nearly everywhere in the NG. Its fruit contain Vitamin C.
This Plant can also be grown in pots -->downloads
Very little is known about the big Tree growing in the Norngarden. It however develops very beautiful flowers all over the year which grow to egglike fruit. This fruit don't contain much but fat. Norn however seem to like them. If planted into a pot with very special soil it is possible to grow a small tree out of a fruit however.
This Plant can also be grown in pots -->downloads
This fast growing plant can be rather a weed in the norngarden. It is very useful providing a steady supply of nuts for hungry norn though. Sometimes you find Rainbowbamboo that grow enormously tall. Only a few people know that the petals of its flower are very healthy for sick norn containing medicine 1 in small doses.
Found only in Norngarden1
This Plant can also be grown in pots -->downloads
Nice looking plant that produces berries rich in vitamin e. Needs excellent conditions to grow.
Ordinary Weed
When the Norngarden was discovered this weed grew everywhere. Even on the walls. There seem to be different kinds of this weed however.
Plant that sits in the ground all year long. In sprig it develops beautiful flowers though. Adds a little color to every garden.

Found only in Norngarden1
Envelop Plant
The kind of weed that grows on the walls all over the Norngarden. When developing flowers this plant catches insects and puts them into their nuts. Why it does that is still a mystery.
This plant is very rare in the Norngarden. It seems to be just a weed. Norn however love use its slimy leafs to slide down hills with. After flowering its seed try to reach the top of a hill to get better light.
Xmas Light-plant
Another strange plant: It grows upside down on the ceiling and develops glowing fruit. Just like christmaslights
This Plant is part of the xmaspack. -->downloads
A bush that produces perfectly round fruit. They cannot be eatenbut make a perfect toy for Norn!
Jackpin Plant
The Jackpin needs a special substrate to grow in. Therefore it is only available in pots. The fruit of this plant are a bit scary. For your norn who love the thrill. They are to hard to eat though.
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