Norngarden Flora

Norngarden Fauna

When the Norngarden was discovered it was totally covered with some kind of weed. At first nobody noticed the variety of lifeforms present in this ecosystem. And with the discovery of Norngarden2 and the living seedbank "Wombo" there are lots and lots of new lifeforms to explore.

They are a colony building species. They live on rotting material and use a special flying technique: The pup gases they produce out of their diet in a bubble and float. Due to their nature they are very delicate animals and cannot be touched without taking harm. However they are also poisonous and not good for your Norn to eat!
Found in Norngarden2 only!
The Tribble
They are also called Eastertribbles because their eggs look a bit like our Easter eggs. However they may lay them all year long. If there is plenty of food . They live on seed and nuts exclusively. If you have to many of them they may harm your plants eating all the seed so plants cannot propagate! In Norngarden 2 the soil is soft enough so that they can dig holes for their babies
In the big fruits of the Rubbadubbatree there are always found little wormlike creatures. It is not known how they get there and if they have a life outside of the rubbadubbafruits.
Found in Norngarden2 only!
A very slow moving animal. When fed well it will produce a unique addition to its shell. A kind of portal probably used to communicate with others of its kind. Sometimes Portles fall into a deep and long sleep. YOu have to push them to wake them up again.
Found in Norngarden2 only!
In Norngarden 2 there are found critters that look like birds. They munch on insects of any kind and like real birds lay eggs. When a young Bibobird hatches it needs to be fed by its parents or by the hand to survive!.
Found in Norngarden2 only!
This is a litte fellow that is found in the Norngarden Xmas Room (NGX). It is the perfect entertainment for your bored Norn! You can download NGX here
These spooky creatures have been found one day in the Norngarden by the lone shee. They live on other creatures dreams and when they consume the dream, wake them up. You can download this Norngarden Halloween agent in the download section.

The Fish
The Pond in the Norngarden is full of tiny blue fish. They eat the nuts of the fishnuttree to survive. In Winter however if conditions are right some of these fish develop into a big amphibious fish that wanders around looking for food. This fish needs lots of food. So it has a strategy of keeping Norn populations small. If pushed or eaten it produces a substance that lowers Norn reproduction capabilities. In spring it will find its way to his pond to lay his eggs for a new generation of tiny blue fish.
Found in Norngarden1 only!
The Tomecko
It is still not sure if this is a plant that acts like an animal or an animal that acts like a plant. In the Norngarden the borderline between fauna and flora does not seem to exist. The Tomecko however spends parts of its life as a lizard and the other part as a plant. Its fruit look and taste like tomatoes.
What else will be discovered in the Norngarden? Wait and see what the scientists find out.
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