The story how the Junglenorn were first discovered by the shee is still unknown. Maybe someone out there is able to tell it and we puplish them all here.

Just send your version of the Junglenorn story to tomtschek

Here are the storys I received so far:

Junglenorn story by SheeEttin:

One day, the Lone Shee felt oddly alone, even though he had a peaceful Bengal Norn with him. He was working in the workshop on the Capillata. All of a sudden, one of the portals opened behind him. he didn't notice, but then a scraping, rasping, screaming sound came from the portal. The Bengal Norn ran to hide. He whipped around, and looked everywhere. He saw the portal, went over to it, and tried to hurriedly close it. As he approached it, he saw two strange yellow faces, with a brown one above it. Could this be a new kind of Norn? the faces seemed to get closer as he did the same. They seemed to be afraid of something, even though both of them were advancing. He reached his hand into the portal, and the Norns seemed to get happier. Quite suddenly, he was yanked into the portal. He arrived in the other Norn's world. It seemed that it was densely overpopulated, with a severe lack of food. He decide to leave one of his food dispensers here. He also decide to take the Norns that opened the portal. He turned around to where he came from, and reached for the portal to open it. But there was no portal there! He remembered the screeching sound he heard when the portal first opened. he pointed to the Norn, pointed to his mouth, then pointed to the wall. The biggest of the three Norns opened his mouth, and shrieked. A swirling red portal opened in a alcove in the wall. He jumped in with his Norns, and ended up in the Workshop. But something was different...

Junglenorn story by Rachel:

The lone shee was in his docking station one day and decided to descend into the norn garden once again. He was looking for any signs of new plant life when he looked to the corner of the norn garden to see an orange norn unlike any other he had discovered before. These norns had wild like apperence and attitude! As he examined the norns further shee decided to call the strange norns The Jungle Norns. He was determined to discover their origin and after days and months of reasearch he discovered that they had absoeleutly no known origin except a few genetics from different lifeforms in the norn garden.

Junglenorn story by Finbin:

One day a Shee experimenting with norns tried to make some treehugger norns with diferrent personalities and he made some strange orange norns.When they became adults he decided to call them junglenorns.Then years later, the Shee was killed by grendals.So the norns had to hide.Then the LoneShee found them and does not Know how to look after them, But you can learn how by adopting some and making them your own Norns.

Another junglenorn story by Finbin

The Lone Shee entered the meso after having lunch to find that two of his norns were playing with his portal device."Stop!",he almost shouted,but it was too late,the norns had zapped off into the warp.Only the portal device was left."Great,one hardmannorn,one treehugger norn,gone".He shed a tear for the norns,they were probably stuck somewhere with a bunch of grendals.but there was a bit of hope,one was a fully grown hardman norn,which loved nothing more tan a good go at fighting grendals.So he went to the NornGarden to check his norns.A week later he went off to warp,he was still a bit sad for the norns,and a good trip through the warp always helps.He found him self in a jungle-like world.As he waked through the strange worldhe saw that there was tree houses in the highest trees and norns were running around in the treehouses
and there were only a few norns.He managed to get a few eggs and he set off back to the capillata.After adays work he called them junglenorns

Junglenorn story by VeCada

One day a Shee was doing experiments with norns and to his great suprise,he created a norn breed that he had never seen before.They had orange fur.then he was called to the jungle.He packed up his bag and set off.When he got there a Shee informed him that a group of grendals were attacking some treehugger norns.So they went into the jungle.When they had frightened off the grendals the Shee sat down and opened his bag and found some norn eggs under his cookie jar.When they hatched it was the norns he had created in his lab.While they had some cookies the norns played in the bag.After a few minutes he looked in his bag for his portal device but he could not find it.For ten years the Shee stayed in the forest with his norns.The Shee died of hunger and the norns ran away to the deepest part of the jungle.Then a Shee came exploring and found the norns he took them back to his lab and called them junglenorns.A short time afterwards the Shee died and the jungle norns ran away again and they were found by the Lone Shee.So now you have to take them to your world and take care of them.

Junglenornstory by StinkCada

The Lone Shee decided to do some genetic enngineering with some of the norns he already had.Off he went to his gene-library, recharging his genetic screwdriver as went.After a minute he looked at his little norn egg on the heat-pan incubator.He had used civet spots, jet black coloration and treehugger fondness of trees.When it hatched he was surprised,very surprised had big wide eyes and was almost completely black, apart from the orange spots all over it.After a day of studying, he decided to call it a junglenorn,as it loved climbing trees.

Junglenornstory by Mkid112:

The Lone Shee stepped from a warp portal onto the solid floor of the lower Meso. After a long days voyage through the warp, if you could count days in space, he was tired and needed some rest. The Shee went and grabbed his cookie jar only to find that it was empty. How could it be? He had packed more than enough cookies to last him his voyage, and even some extras for a special occasion.
The Shee was obviously quite disturbed by this and he decided to he had to solve this mystery. The detective in him was thinking full speed as he surveyed his surroundings looking for clues. And then he saw it, the trail of crumbs. Now he could find the culprit that had eaten the cookies. But as he made his way to the end of the trail the proud face of a scientist sunk slowly into that of a very depressed Shee. He looked on at the remnants of somebodies meal, his stomach groaning hungrily with each glance.
"How I tire of this work", he said trying not to look so depressed.
As he reached the end of the crumb trail he realized that the culprit was right behind the bush before him. But there was not just one culprit, buttwo of the oddest looking things he had ever seen. Two near adult Nornsstood fighting over a chocolate biscuit, but these were not his Norns.
Then he saw an open warp portal less than ten feet away. Somehow they came by warp, but where was the other portal? Trying to figure that out would take forever, so he concluded they came from another Shee somewhere else who would probably miss these remarkable specimens. Knowing that, he grabbed the two dueling Norns by the scruff of the neck, and took them to his lab...

Junglenornstory by corgo:

Now, as everyone knows baby norns like to run away, well one day these two bengal norns did just that, ran away i mean. Their parents had been out helping the hand, and these two norns bounded out, they had been running for ages thats when they saw the grendle brothers, evil,cruil,even said to be immortal. The two norns ran until they came to a huge rusty door, they went in, ther was a huge light then they looked around there were little lizzards running all around they went to pick one up but it looked at them, blinked and turned into a plant, WEIRD! As they walked on they saw a shee, he said hello little norns nice to see a new breed of norn. They were shocked why would a shee be in here even more why did he say they were a new breed they didn`t feel different. Then they looked at theirselves, their bodies were orange! The shee said that it was ok he had just changed their genetics so they were his new breed of norn jungle norn and thay could help him open the huge metal warp door upstairs. So that is how jungle norns came to be and how they also came to creatures garden.
By corgo.

Junglenornstory by Daan:

There onse was a shee and he wanted to live in the jungle, he told the other shee about it and they said it was overrun whith grendels.
The next day he got their it was deserted for years. He had an ettin build him a lab to do expariments in. By a mistake he made he made weird creature like
norn, it was es smart and cute so he gave it to the other shee to look at it and they named it the Jungle Norn. Daan

Junglenornstory by Futurenorn:

A long time back, a shee that was abandoned in the jungle grendel war whatched curiously as the strange, first Albia norns trudged steadily into the forest. He used to be a famous norn breeder before his troops abandoned him accidentally, and he was eager to begin a new one. He swooped down on a vine and grabbed 2 males and 2 females, and their children. He jumped back onto the tree and climbed it steadily into the long-abandoned Treehugger Norn treehouse. He built long, stout tree runs into ten other treehouses, some empty Treehugger houses, some he built himself. He boarded off the door leading from his house to the next, so that he could open it but the norns couldn't. He let them out into the railed run, and the adults and children kiss-popped all the way through the houses. When the shee saw that they had laid eggs, he raced out and grabbed them. He noticed that one was a wierd orange, and another was brown with yellow spots. He brought them into his treehouse and stuck them in the incubator. When they hatched, he gasped, and fell off his only un-railed plank, down to his death. Well, shee are tougher than most people think. He stumbled back up without so much as a sprained ankle, and gazed wide-eyed at the strange norns in front of him... He whispered in his quavery voice for the first time since he was abandoned. "My first new breed...Jungle Norns..." Then he fell back in a dead faint. The norns busted down the door connected to the norn-run and raced away. Eventually the shee sadly died of starvation after the norns overran his home, ate his food, and ran wild into the trees. There are now thousands, some in the jungle, and some in the treehouses where they originated.

Another Junglenornstory by Daan:

Two litle Norns explord Albia's jungle, but they got lost.
They coudn't get out of the jungle so they disided to live ther.
After 200 year's they devloped ther color and persanality(they got baby's).
They were living whith peace until the grendel's destoryed ther home in the jungle.
It' your job give them a peaceful life in your Docking Station and Creatures 3.