Since the Junglenorn have been discovered scientist tried to find out if these beasts could be classified as norn. First it was believed that its ancestors must have been Marsupial. But first they could not jump, second they did not eat fish and third their tail was not long enough. So a swiss biologist named Josef Krützly claimed they would be mutated furby. Wrong again. When their genetic material was closely examined it was totally clear. These are pure norn. Their ancestors were C1 norn (picture) which must have wandered of into the deep jungle of albia and adapted to their life there.


Unlike all other norn these norn change their look when they grow up. In their baby/children stage their fur is of nearly pure orange. It is not known why this species developed this coloration. Maybe its some kind of mimicry. That the baby try to look like an orange animal that is extremely poisonous. It is impossible to tell wether a junglenorn baby is male or female. You have to wait till they grow a little older to notice that the male develops a yellow tailtip while the females turns green When they grow up they slowly loose this orange coloration and develop their typical gender specific patterns. The male junglenorn has bright yellow spots on its brown fur. The female is dark brown, but if pregnant develops some nice coloration.


Different to other nornbreed these norn eat a lot. They usually look a little chubby when grown. The jungle where they come from is full of all kind of fruit. So eating seemed to be their main occupation in nature. Due to their enormous appetite they don't really like company. If too many junglenorn are around they fear that there is not enough food left. The only place where they like company are their nests where they spend the time when they are not occupied looking for food. Unfortunately its was not possible to get captured junglenor built a nest - yet!