The Norngarden Give-to-Get-Special
Give a little help to somebody who needs it and get the Aquagarden!
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The Norngarden Give-to-Get-Special has started last Christmas as a Christmas Special. To download the Aquagarden and the Aquanorn, people had to perform a good deed. Give something to someone who needs it. The Aquanorn are free to download now. The NG4/Aquagarden however is still part of this project which is now prolonged as Give-to-Get-Special.

You have to give to the poor to download the Aquagarden!

And that is how it works. You take some money (I was thinking of something like at least 10 US Dollars-off course you can give more if you can afford it) and give it to somebody who can really use that money (I was thinking of homeless people for example or a charity organisation. But if you find another way to wisely spend the money, go for it!).

IMPORTANT: Its not about what you have been doing in the past, ists about what you are going to do. You have to make your good deed especially for the Norngarden

If you have your good deed done, proceed to this page.
If you are not shure what do do-
-->See what other people did <--

What if you do not own any money at all?

Well I don't think anybody who can afford playing a game online on the internet can not afford to spend 10 Dollars for charity. If however you really have a problem putting together the money, think about something you could do instead (give away an old toy to somebody who does not get any toys for christmas for example.) It has to be something you do especially for this project. Actions you did in the past or are doing anyway do not count!

Still questions left?-> the Give to Get FAQ Page

See what other people did to participate

Go to the Aquagarden site to see what the Aquagarden looks like

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Norngarden 2
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