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Aquanorns are amphibious, but they breath a lot better under water than on land. In the first two life stages they still have legs which they can walk on, additionally to the already developing fish tail. However, in later life stages those short legs will disappear and they only will show a strong fish tail. From this life stage on they are able to swim.

Aquanorns are only able to swim with the help of the swimmer agent (included in the Aquanorn agent and the Aquagarden). Additionally, the genome of the norns must be adapted to it. There's no guarantee that "mixed" offsprings from Aquanorns and normal norns are able a) to breathe under water and b) to swim.

How to raise Aquanorns

After hatching, Aquanorns act quite independant. They will look very soon for the next lift, 'cause they want to "go down". As water usually is somewhere "down", their instinct tells them to go down and go into water. So make sure you place them near a lift near a pond or in the Aquagarden after hatching in order to allow them to reach the water they are looking for!
They are feeding on animals and they like the Foogoos a lot which can be found in the Aquagaden. They also like to eat seeds and they can also be raised with vegetarian food. However, it's more "natural" for them to look for fishes! Like normal norns, they should be reminded to eat throughout their life as they also tend to "forget" eating.
Aquanorns like to play with toys, just like all normal norns do. So make sure to give them something to play with. Swimming only isn't that much fun.


Aquanorns do it themselves, don't worry. The usual kisspop method does the trick for them as well! :-)

But please note:
Females nromally lay their eggs on land. They can only lay their eggs under water if they aren't swimming and being located at the bottom of the pond. So it can take some time until a pregnant female actually lays her egg! You can speed this up by bringing the pregnant female on solid ground and soon she will lay her egg.

Eggs do not hatch under water! You have to take the eggs which get layed under water and put them somewhere on the land. There they will hatch normally.

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